CAD Clash Detection Service




Using our custom clash check software running on high specification computers allows us to dramatically reduce the total time taken to complete all checks compared to traditional methods (typically by an amazing 95% plus).








Once we have processed your CAD data:

         We create assemblies of the clashing items (with and without surrounding geometry) which can be viewed using a number of free CAD viewer tools therefore allowing your entire team (design, admin, customers, suppliers if desired) to review the data without the requirement for additional expensive CAD licenses.


         We create pictures of the new clashes from multiple viewpoints for inclusion with the clash report.





Included with our service are a number of licenses for our Clash Index software (additional licenses can be rented as required), the software contains a powerful system which will track clashes, contact and clearance issues across multiple clash check runs. The software will automatically add comments to some clashes such as potential duplicate parts, incompatible fixings (M6 nut to M5 bolt, rivet to screw, etc..) or misaligned fixings and assign a status to a clash contact or clearance condition that will stay with that clash until it is resolved or changed by your users, (note: if the same clash is found again on a subsequent run then previously made comments will automatically link to it, if the clash is new then this will be highlighted).




Your users can:

       Open the assemblies containing the clashing parts directly from the Indexing software into the free CAD viewer.

       Create screengrabs to add to their own comments (which are stamped with the date, time and username to give traceability and contribute to audit trails).

       Change the status of the clash, contact or clearance.

       Filter the clash results by various fields (designer, part number, status, comments, etc.).

       Filter results by a hierarchy tree of the assembly to aid in the design release process.

       View historical comments for a clash along with any historical screengrabs.

       Check summary counts of types (clashes, contacts, clearance), and status' (irrelevant, corrective action taken, etc..).

       Senior users can assign clashes to members of your design team to resolve.


Additional benefits of this software allows multi-user simultaneous modifications of different clash comments.


The software stores comments and screengrabs on a network drive which is not directly editable by the user ensuring the integrity of the system. The system can also support multiple projects with each project contained in its own storage area. For security the software allows your users to only view / add comments to the projects they are assigned to.


Reports can be exported to your project PowerPoint template as needed.




This service gives significant benefits by delivering business efficiency gains in cost, quality and total time saved as we can check multiple product variants / configurations / option codes which leads to:


       A substantial increase in the number of checks that can be completed in a given time.

       A substantial increase in the detail of checks that can be completed in a given time.


Taken together this gives an increase in the breadth, depth and scale of clash detection checks that can be completed for a massively reduced cost. Because of the speed with which these checks can be completed a greater proportion of potential problems requiring design changes to the products can be discovered at an earlier stage of the design process without increasing your in-house resources and perhaps more importantly before prototype parts and tooling have been manufactured.


For example an entire vehicle can be checked on a nightly basis with reports ready for the designers (and other stakeholders) the following morning, effectively reporting on "live" data in comparison to potentially week's old data using traditional methods. The indexed reports can be searched and with this facility in place the number of people who can effectively work through the potential clash issues is broadened to include the entire design team or any other stakeholder. With a unique identifier for each clash, contact or clearance situation tracking and analysing the results from day to day (Clash Run to Clash Run) allows the tracking and labelling of situations where clashes should occur to be filtered from the results if desired allowing the real problem conditions to be rapidly found and remedial action taken.


Our system allows us to clash check various CAD file formats (including dumbed down solids) - enquire for details.


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